I’ve been holding back on my patisserie intake lately as summer is just around the corner…but as I’m packing up my suitcase to say adieu to Dijon for the summer I can’t help but think about all the amazing patisseries I’d love to pack up to take back to friends and family. Since they won’t make it far in the suitcase, a sweet little collage to will have to do for today. Bon appetit!

Wedding Guest : Destination Spain

We are packing up the car and making the trek from Dijon to Madrid to celebrate a special friend’s wedding to her college sweetheart. She is Spanish, he is American and we all met back at university in Michigan. So, how amazing is it to be able to celebrate their marriage with other old friends in beautiful Spain? I can’t wait! And, there ain’t no wedding like a Spanish wedding…

But, what to wear when you have to pack a dress and suit into a suitcase and drive it a 1,000 and some kilometers to the sweltering heat of central Spain at the end of June?

Here are a few of my ideas inspired by the classic rivalry Madrid and Barcelona…


Madrid: Classic lace. Let’s face it, it will be hot and there is nothing worse than sweat stains on a dress, sleeveless or strapless is a must. A touch of lace is the perfect way to give a little nod to Spanish culture of peinetas and lace. Add a little belt, some amazing heels, wavy beach hair, some chandelier earrings and a statement ring to finish the look.


Barcelona: Modern Color. Again a short, strapless dress is key in the Spanish summer. I’m loving a red, green, or yellow dress this year. Some chunky and colorful heels, a big top bun, a graphic handbag and killer earrings. The brighter the better a la Gaudi.

Which look would you choose? Madrid or Barcelona?

(For details on the looks check them out my Polyvore, and top photo from Coco&Kelley)

Spanish Fiestas: La Noche de San Juan

I’m a bit bummed to be missing one of my favorite Spanish fiestas this year, La noche de San Juan. A fiesta that celebrates summer and the shortest night of the year. On the night of June 23rd the streets are alive with music, barbecues and bonfires, and local traditions say the night is filled with magic. Be ready to watch the sunrise because the night will be over before you know it. Here are a few of my tips to get the most from San Juan and some pics from San Juan in Santiago de Compostela a few years ago (sorry about the quality, this was before we all had megacameras on our phones!).

1) Jump over a bonfire! Plazas, streets, and beaches are filled with the smoke and warmth, and sizes vary from adult size to kiddy sized. If you want to really be lucky for the rest of the year make it over three to nine times, just be sure you don’t jump over an even number of times! ps: don’t wear flip flops or sandals!

2) Eat grilled sardines. You’ll have to wait in a long hungry line, but the fresh fish on a hunk of Galician bread can’t be beat!
3) Stay out all night with your old and new friends on this magical night of the year.

4) Wake up the next morning and wash your face in flower and herb infused water- preferably a mix of wild flowers rosemary, lavender, and oregano- which is said to clean the body and soul. Buy a bunch from a florist or even better, pick your own on the dewy morning walk home. Summer can officially begin!
What are your start of the summer traditions? 
San Juan is celebrated all over Spain, traditions and superstitions vary but it is always a night of fire and water. Be sure to add it to your itinerary if you’ll be travelling in Spain next June! I was in Santiago de Compostela, but the biggest Galician celebration is in A Coruña, where a midnight swim in the Atlantic is also a part of the celebration!