Villages of France: Malain


Sunday we spent the day with a friend at a little village fair in Malain, just a few minutes from Dijon.

The streets were decked with ribbon streamers and musicians roamed the streets dancing and playing medieval inspired music. We sampled our way through kiosks selling cheese and charcuterie from Alsace, truffles and honey from Burgundy, giant wheels of nougat, and lots of spices.


A hike up the hill took us to the old castle that looks out onto the patchwork green and golden fields of the country side.

And for lunch we stopped by a small house where the menu included an aperitif of white wine and violet liqueur, hotdog fingers (medieval witch theme…), and magret de canard (duck breast) with cassis sauce – oh fancy France,  recently I’ve had magret de canard at a barbecue  and now they serve it at the town fair with hot dog fingers, is this normal?!


Magret or no magret, it was a fun escape for a great start to June.


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