A Bike Ride on the Burgundy Canal


I am ready and refreshed for the new week today after a beautiful weekend filled with sunshine and fresh air. Between finals of the Roland Garros tournament (Way to go, Rafa! Eight wins in a row, incredible!), we took our bikes out to the canal for a little jaunt. The clouds came out as we were leaving – we were thankful once we were out on the trail in the warm June evening-going at noon might have been a bit overwhelming with the heat.


We followed the trail from the canals in Dijon by the cute boat bistro-bar the Péniche Cancale and made our way past Lake Kir and beyond Dijon-the canal cuts through the Côte d’Or and Yonne. It is a lovely ride, quiet and calm, lined with shady trees that every now lead to an adorable little house that operates the locks for the many boats that travel down the canal. We saw quite a few groups enjoying some rosé wine and a light dinner aboard their houseboats, their bright flower boxes and flags were so friendly on the greens of the canal. A few days with friends on a houseboat would be a fun way to spend a few summer days.



I wanted to plan a picnic on the canal, but we ended up going out later sans food and cut our time a bit short because of the clouds. We also realized that a country picnic on the canal would probably be best when stopping at one of the towns or houses that line the canal-on the canal the grass is high and we saw a few snakes making their way across the bike path into the canal (eeeekkkk). But, take a drink, a hat, some good SPF, and maybe even a fishing pole and you can take a nice ride from Dijon all the way to Montbard if you please.  Such a fantastic way to spend a day getting some exercise and getting lost in the French countryside.


4 thoughts on “A Bike Ride on the Burgundy Canal

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