Last time I was in Paris, my bestie and I happened to pass an adorable, teeny tiny shop just off Isle St.Louis on the Rive Droit, selling shelf after shelf of beautiful striped foutas. I wasn’t sure exactly what they were but was so tempted to buy one or two for the 10 euro price advertised on the door. We were in a rush to get somewhere so we passed up the opportunity (sound familiar? Hello Berlin!). I later looked a bit more into just what a fouta is and I’m counting the days to get back to that shop and buy up more than a few!

The fouta was introduced to France from Morocco and Algeria where the piece of seamless, stripped and knotted cloth is used as clothing for the everyday or the ceremonial. Today, the fouta is best known as the Hammam towel used at Turkish baths, but it is becoming more and more popularly used in everyday ways as a beach towel, a table cloth, a picnic blanket or even decorative toss.

Multifunctional and simple, a fouta is a beautiful way to bring French Mediterranean style into your home. I want to pick up a few for the beach, picnics and another as a table cloth or sofa toss.

What would you use one for?


Get foutas online for a bit more than the little shop where I first saw them at, Initial Deco, Nine Space and Serena and Lily.


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