La vuelta a España / Back to Spain


We said adieu to France for the summer on Thursday, packed up the car and headed to Burgos, Spain for a short visit before the wedding of the year in Toledo. A 12 hour drive later and we were back to the color, noise, and alegria that is Spain. I’d forgotten how much I missed it!

Here are a few pics from the journey and the beautiful day we spent in Burgos.


Sunny streets and warm colors.



Plazas and terrazas brimming with life and light.


And… TAPAS!!  Hello croquetas, so nice to see you again! (so eager to dig in that the pic turned out blurry…)


Next stops Toledo and Santiago de Compostela!

Where will you be going this summer?

Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments!


6 thoughts on “La vuelta a España / Back to Spain

      • I love all of those, but especially Seville because it was my first Spanish home! Madrid is tied at the top, I’ve come to love it more with each visit, a really rich layered city! I’d also add Santiago de Compostela in Galicia to the the list, where I’ve planted my Spanish roots- amazing people, seafood, and wine and endless miles of beaches just a short drive away. Wherever you go in Spain, you are going to have a really great time!

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