My Travel Day Essentials


Yesterday my vacation in the states ended and I said good-bye to airports, security, and all the joys of on-board meals with a marathon of four airports, three flights, and two connections that filled my flying quota for the next few months (trains and cars I’ll be seeing you in the meantime).  When I was a kid a day at the airport was always such fun; so much excitement to be going somewhere new, getting dressed up, and just going on a plane. But, as I’ve gotten older and travelled so much more (and not just for an exotic journey but out of the necessity to be with the people I love) the plane journey has started to lose its luster. Has this happened to you? Or, maybe it’s one of the hidden dangers of the ex-pat life?

So, with every new trip and every new year I’ve been looking for little details that will make the day more comfortable (and stylish!), manageable, and enjoyable. Here are my essentials for keeping some wonder and calm in every one of your travel days….

1. Comfortable slip-on shoes (*with little footie socks*). First, it’s always such a hassle to have to take off and put back on tied or buckled shoes at security save the trouble with some slip ons and wear some little socks so you don’t have to walk barefoot all over the security area…eeeekkkk, that totally grosses me out.

2.  Baggy or stretchy print pants. Gone are the days of elegant air travel, but that doesn’t mean we have to look like we are all getting on a plane to go to the gym or a pajama party. Keep the style up by investing in a pair of trendy baggy print pants or print leggings. They feel like a day off, but look totally in.  Finish the look with a long sleeve layer over a short sleeve and you’ll look stylish and feel comfortable.

3. A great (big) scarf. An easy accessory that automatically adds some modern style. I give my scarf double duty when I travel using it as a blanket if I get cold on the plane.

4. A light tote. The Longchamp Pliage is the classic tote carry on-made for travel it folds up to fit into your luggage before the trip and unfolds into a lovely tote after to zip all your souvenirs into after. I found mine thrifting in Chicago, but if you haven’t got such luck a new one costs about 75 euros.  If you’re not into the Longchamp, a simple canvas tote does the job just as well. Easy to pack and wash, it will carry all your things with style and comfort.

5. A tablet. I never thought I’d be so pro e-books but after getting the Kindle for a b-day pressie last year and I can’t imagine travelling without it. While most people fill their tablets with movies, I love using my kindle it for the original purpose, books! I download a few before the trip and even if I don’t get to read them I don’t have to carry all those heavy books around. (**Not to be applied to travel guides in my opinion! I tried an e-guide and found it super uncomfortable and impractical**). I even like to download a few magazines to my tablet to keep down the weight I’m carrying around the airports.

6. Headphones and an eye mask. There’s nothing like not being able to sleep to make a flight interminable. From lights, to babies to talkers be prepared with a great language or travel podcast to prepare for the trip to or simply an adorable eye mask to channel Holly Golightly on board and get some zzz’s.

 7. Mineral water spray or face wipes. Staying hydrated while traveling is so important.  Take a mini mineral water spray bottle and freshen up in the bathroom or wipe off the stress with a hydrating wipe. You’ll feel so much better on and off the plane. (I also love to freshen up at the duty-free perfume shops too; it’s the perfect time to try out that new Marc Jacobs fragrance…)

 8. An empty water bottle. These eco and space friendly bottles lay flat and are foldable when empty. They take up no room and are easy to fill as you need to stay healthy and refreshed all day long, genius!

 What are your Travel Day essentials?

Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments!



5 thoughts on “My Travel Day Essentials

  1. I think we have a lot of similar travel day essentials! I usually wear a pair of TOMS when I fly because they’re so comfortable, great for walking around big airports, and they come on and off easily. I also usually wear jeans, a cotton skirt (I’m genuinely comfortable in them), or a nice looking pair of yoga pants. A nice cardigan or jacket is also with me all of the time. Then I can’t go anywhere without my iPad! I have all of my music and books on there. I LOVE to read so now that I have my iPad, I reserve all of my to-read books for when I’m traveling. Less to pack!

    • Great minds think alike! It’s so important to be comfortable walking around airports and on the plane with good shoes and a light carry on. Ipads, kindles, etc are the best for travel reading!

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