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Fisher Building, Detroit

I’m back in Spain and unfortunately the end of the summer countdown has begun. But, I’ll be living up the last week of August with an end of the summer wedding and a big family meal in the pueblo. Can’t wait to get dressed up and have some fun with our Spanish friends who we’ve missed all summer and catch up with old friends and the family over a long meal in the country. And, I’ll be taking along my fantastic new camera (Happy Birthday to me!!) to capture the moments to share with you soon! What are you up to this weekend?

If you’re looking for some interesting reads, check out these links that I loved this week. 

You’ve probably only heard about Detroit’s bankruptcy this summer, but take a look at all the positives in the city at the Pure Detroit blog and their fantastic free tours of the city. 

Is Paris really so rude? I’ve never had any problems with Parisians, in fact I think they’re pretty nice, but  the city of lights is making their service friendly for tourists!

The Hedonista‘s post about drinking in Barcelona is a great guide to Spanish culture. I’ll be enjoying a vermut this weekend!

Sweatsuits are not in my travel essentials but maybe these Madewell lounge pants or this Zara sweat “suit” could change my mind.

And in case you missed them, here are a few extra Spain related posts from A Beautiful Journey.

Got lots of end of the summer tomatoes? Try my delicious and healthy Andalucian Gazpacho! 

A few of my favorite simple things to pick up while in Spain. 

And, wondering what to wear on your next holiday to Spain? These Spanish style blogs will give you some ideas for vacation or anytime!

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Besos, Dianne

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