At home: Modern Marie Antoinette

I’m on my way back to France today. We’ll be on the road for a long 17 hour drive from St. Jacques de Compostelle back to Dijon.  I’m sure by the time we get to our apartment tonight it is going to feel like a palace and we’ll be sleeping like royalty after being away … and then we’ll wake up again in our Ikea clad abode.*

Thinking of kings and queens, I can’t help but go back to the extravagant bedrooms in Versailles – matching fabric on the walls, beds, and chairs, gold molding, curvaceous lines, baroque busts and candelabra, all together it can all be a bit overwhelming. But, lately I’ve been leaning more towards the opulent versus the minimal (too much Ikea, maybe?) and I’ve noticed a few Versailles style details in design magazines and blogs lately. If you’re leaning toward the opulent too, here’s some inspiration to give your place some modern French royal flair.

1) Find a few fat, curvy, voluptuous tables. Paired with modern details or a bright color they seem just dreamy enough.
2) Add some plush, gold rimmed chairs. Upholstered in rich velvets or bold patterns they could go classic or original.
3) Put up some opulent yet playful wallpaper. Rich, organic patterns make a space look so posh. And, I love those flamingoes!
So, what do you think, modern Marie Antoinette, yay or nay??
* I actually love our little place. Finding an apartment in France coming soon!

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