Links for le weekend


Convento de Vilavella, Spain

The rentrée is in full swing! We’re back to Dijon, suitcases are unpacked, the fridge is stocked, and I got back to work this morning and taught my first class this morning at 8am to a great group of students; not a bad way to start the academic year. We’re off to the Back to school concert downtown with some friends this evening, and then getting back on the fitness track this weekend with some much needed exercise and some yummy veggie dishes. The start of September always feels like a fresh start after the summer, don’t you think? What are you up to this weekend?

If you’re in the surfing mood, here are a few fun links  from around the web…

If you’re in the states enjoy Labor Day weekend! If you’re having one last summer cookout David Lebowitz’s rosé sangria is the perfect way to add some French and Spanish style to your soiree.

Maybe we’ll look for one of these wild French swimming holes this weekend and take a last summer dip!

Getting kinda excited for the cool weather since I saw the new coats out at Zara. I love this gray one!

Also pretty happy to get back to the city marché to keep the fridge stocked with fresh fruits and veggies; The French Market cookbook would be the perfect companion!

It’s time to get back to my French studies. I like to practice with the News in Slow French podcast, it’s the perfect way to brush up my French and get a dose of the news.

And, in case you missed these posts from A Beautiful Journey…

My favorite little foodie luxuries from the supermarket to stock up on while you’re in France – perfect for easy to pack pressies too!

I finally got to help Diego with the drive from Spain to France since I finally got my Spanish driver’s license this summer, here’s a look at how I got it.

Finally, some more apartment inspiration from France: Easy Parisian Elegance

Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments!

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Bonne Weekend!

Besos, Dianne


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