Links for le Weekend


Hey all!  Life in France was full of surprises again this week. In one night the temperatures dropped at least 20 degrees fahrenheit and the grey skies of fall came out of nowhere. I’m wondering if it’s here to stay, and getting out my trench in the mean time. I also had an appointment at the préfecture to renew my carte séjour – the residence card that gives me permission to live and work in France – and somehow I was in and out in less than 30 minutes, an unbelievable feat as I normally spend at least an entire morning there (it should be said that I also turned over the worst ID picture of my life, with every new carte séjour the photos get worse and worse, a symptom of the (normally) endless labyrinth of bureaucracy perhaps?). And finally, Diego went to the pole emploi unemployment offices to register, and low and behold he came out with a job offer, interview today! Sacre bleu, ne pas possible, is the French system somehow becoming efficient? I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

So, how was your week?

Here’s some inspiration to keep you going from around the web…

This series, Motherhood around the World, is beautiful, eye-opening, and inspiring.

What an adorable little Bastille birthday fête!

This dress is perfect for fall, France, or anywhere!

Roasted three beet salad, I’ll be trying you soon and maybe adding some shallots!

These dark and moody spaces are a new take on fall colors.

And, some other great posts chez nous...

Perfect picnics in Paris at Les Jardins de Paris: Palais Royale

Or for a lazy afternoon why not sail a boat the the Luxembourg Gardens?

And, here’s a little dose of Spanish sunshine from Burgos!

Thanks for reading! And thanks for the comments! So great to have you all along!

Bon weekend! besos, Dianne


4 thoughts on “Links for le Weekend

    • Thanks! I guess all it takes is a few years to finally see the end of the bureaucracy tunnel! Enjoy the heat while you can, it looks like the cool fall weather is here to stay!

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