Backroads of Burgundy: Auxerre

Have you ever seen the old movie Houseboat with Cary Grant and Sofia Loren? I remember seeing it as a kid and always dreaming of spending a week or a summer floating around the canals of France. I’m not sure if that will ever happen, so instead we took a drive up to Auxerre, a historic town on the banks of the Yonne river famous for stained glass, Chablis wine, according to Diego, football, and a river full of house boats. The fourth largest city in Burgundy, it still feels like a small town old winding streets and quiet Sundays.
 We made our way from the river into the old town. The old clock tower, built in the 1400’s is breathtaking and the streets are lined with old medieval buildings with wood frames and tiny carved details. Warm shades of yellow and red rooftops made for a stunning fall day.
  After exploring the old town we made our way to the cathedral of Saint-Etienne. Tucked into the tiny streets, the cool and quiet interior is home to exquisite stained glass.
  On a Sunday afternoon there wasn’t much to do except enjoy the old sights and fall colors and enjoy a little snack by the river while imagining a life in a houseboat. Although we didn’t have a chance to make it there, plan your visit to Auxerre with enough time to visit to neighboring Chablis, home to the wine, for a taste the dry white wine of Burgundy. 
Don’t you just love fall?
Besos, Dianne
A word to the wise: Plan your weekend day trips around France for a Saturday if you’re hoping to visit restaurants, shops, and even museums. We’ve found ourselves more than a few times on Sundays with no options for eating in smaller towns and even the tourist offices closed! The French take their Sundays of seriously, so when in France do as the French and make Sunday a day of rest, or plan well in advance, checking hours and restaurants before you head out.

3 thoughts on “Backroads of Burgundy: Auxerre

    • I was asking the same thing when we found it! In the middle of nowhere on a quiet corner between two lovely trees, it was just waiting for a photo I guess!

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