Nordic Noir

Give me some cold Danish skies, stark white interiors, serious conversations, strong female leads, and haunting music anytime. Don’t get me wrong, Game of Thrones is fantastic. I love me some Gossip Girl. And, a Mad Men box set would be a perfect Christmas present. But somehow I don’t quite get all zombies, and vampires, and magic creatures and all the blood and violence that have taken over TV lately. The elegance of the understated in Nordic TV is so fresh.

It all started when I got hooked on Bron/Broen (The Bridge) last winter. The subtle nuances, the interwoven lives, the unique characters, the crazy languages, the well written, complete story in just one season. Perfection. Suddenly I wanted more.

Then came AMC’s The Killing, whose third season, dark, serious, cold, calculating, made me realize I needed to watch the Danish original Forbrydelsen.

And now, I’m hooked on Borgen. A totally different show all about politics and power whose leads just happens to be inspiring strong women. Birgitte is one of my favorite characters on TV offering the portrait of a powerful woman in politics in a serious context (not comedy or soap opera or fantasy queen) that is missing from mainstream TV.

The Danish shows aren’t full of tricks, fashion or killer real estate. The story lines aren’t scandalous, sexy, or bloody. But there is something so refreshing about the simplicity – no Hollywood perfection, the cameras aren’t intrusive, the lighting and colors are natural; nothing is in your face.

I’m on season two of Borgen, and if you’re looking for a new show to watch this winter add it to your list. Then, when you get hooked, we can start learning Danish together (I’m so intrigued by the language) and plan a trip to Copenhagen!

Hej Hej, Dianne


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