Links for le Weekend


Happy Friday! Can you believe October is nearly over?! Only one week until Halloween! Have you got your costume ready? We’ve been having the best weather around here, warm and sunny, making the orange and yellow trees even more amazing! My weekly drives through the countryside to Montbard have been so pretty lately, and the cows and sheep look so happy hanging in the fields in this unusually warm fall weather. To make the most of the golden October sunshine I’m hoping we can get out to a U-Pick orchard that I heard is just a ride down the canal from Dijon. And if not, an over due trip to the newly renovated tomb of the Dukes of Burgundy will be in store. What are you up to this weekend?

Here are a few links I’ve loved lately…

I drink one of these to get glowing every morning! 

Spot on ode to Paris as the NYTimes Paris correspondent bids adieu. 

Totally awesome Frida cookies! 

Diane Kruger and Jessica Alba are my faves. Who are yours?

Andalucia, when will I see ya…

A test for all of us Nordic nerds.

And, in case you missed them check out all of my Paris on a Budget series and check out my amiga Style-for-Style’s compact guide: Hey, I’m going to Paris!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the posts this week, let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for reading and following!

Besos, Dianne


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