Fall Color in Besançon, France


It’s the peak of fall color here in France, so let’s start the week right with some amazing fall color from Besançon in the Franche Comté region.


Besançon is a city filled with life, culture, and history. Strategically located on the Doub river, Besançon’s history reaches back to the Romans. A peek into the Roman city can be seen in the triumphal arch the Porte Noir. The Fortifications of Vauban, a UNESCO world heritage site, also offer a look at the city’s past. A military base throughout history, today the citadel, is home to the Museum of French Resistance and Deportation.



A stroll down the river side offers incredible colors and a taste of life in Besançon a city filled with students from the University of Franche Comté. And, a walk through the city will take you to the homes where Victor Hugo and the Lumiere brothers were born.


Finally, don’t miss the Cathedral of St. Jean tucked into the hillside. You’ll find an incredible astronomical clock and the stunning altar by Fra Bartolomeo inside.


Happy Monday!

besos, Dianne


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