Links for le Weekend


Old town, Troyes, France


The long weekend has started! La Toussaint has come, Halloween is finished, and we’re taking the opportunity to head to Switzerland. We’ll spend two days in Geneva devouring some chocolate and fondue, enjoying the peaceful lake and old town, and window shopping at Rolex (but, of course!). If you’ve been to Geneva I’d love to hear your tips! Send them along via a comment or on Twitter. Stay tuned to Instagram for some shots of the weekend too.

Celebrating Halloween or enjoying the long weekend in France, here are a few fun links for your weekend pleasure. 

These Oak trees in Louisiana are hauntingly spectacular. 

Earl Grey cupcakes with a side of Downton Abbey. Be still my heart. 

She dressed some of my favorite films. 

Flemish painters get a makeover with Valentino.

Where’s Banksy? Chasing him in New York 

And, in case you missed them…

They’re celebrating colorful Dia de los Muertos in Mexico today.

Bringing your travels home with words.

My Tips for learning the language and living abroad. 

Have a spectacular weekend!

Thanks for reading! Celebration for over 100 followers is in the works! 

Besos, Dianne


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