At home: Citrus Trees

The chill of winter has hit the air here in Dijon this week. I finally got out the winter clothes, pulled out my hats and gloves and traded the trench for something more substantial. The cold has also brought boxes of bright orange clementines to the market and fruit aisles; reminders of the sunshine and warm of the tropics, a subtle hint that Christmas is just around the corner, and a postcard of memories of my first trip to Europe when I landed in the bright sun filled, orange tree-lined streets of Seville, Spain.

I can still remember walking from my house in the city center to my university classes. Starting at the legendary Calle Sierpes, I walked past the impressive cathedral and Giralda tower, through the tiny shadowy streets of the old town Barrio de Santa Cruz until making my way into the University of Seville, whose elegant corridor were once home the tobacco factory that inspired Bizet’s passionate opera, Carmen. It was a long walk marked by the colorful corners, horse carriages, and the orange trees dripping with heavy fruits .

It’s been ten years since I was in Sevilla, but every time I see a little citrus tree I can’t help but fall back into daydreams of Spain. Lately citrus trees have been popping up all over decor magazines and blogs, adding a touch of life and color to kitchens and gardens. Lemons, oranges or kumquats are easy to grow and care for in pots, so why not put a little one in your kitchen if you live a cold climate, or add a bigger plant to your porch or terrace if you live somewhere warm. A little citrus tree will add the perfect dose of sunshine, color and warmth to bring the bright streets of Sevilla home.

Besos, Dianne

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