The Catchiest French Songs


Every Thursday I make an hour and a half long trek to teach at a company outside Dijon. It’s a long drive. Aside from enjoying the view of endless miles of green hills, orange fall forests, happy cows and sheep, and the occasional old castle, it’s also a chance to listen to the radio. French radio is far from being playing Carla Bruni and Edith Piaf all day; between Daft Punk and Bruno Mars, I’ve been hearing quite a few poppy and happy French tunes. The songs are so catchy I can’t help but sing along, and since music is such a great way to learn a language, let’s brush up our French! On y va!

Tété, Ritournelle : A Sengalese singer songwriter, he’s huge in Japan too.

Joyce Jonathan, Ça Ira: another happy song that is so easy to understand.

Zaz, Je Veux : jazzy, ecclectic and happy, and such an incredible voice.

And somehow I always hear the oldie, Marilyn et John, from France’s favorite lady, Vanessa Paradis.

What are your favorite French songs?

Besos, Dianne


5 thoughts on “The Catchiest French Songs

  1. Thanks for letting me know. I added the names of the songs in case you want to look them up and listen later. Henri Salvador is great! His music makes me feel like I’m on and island in the Carribean.

  2. You are so correct! Music is an excellent way to increase one’s knowledge of a language. After living here about a year, I joined a local choir. The plug-ins seem to be blocked here so I can only imagine.

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts and perhaps make it down to this part of France one day! 🙂

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