Sunlight and Shadows in Segovia, Spain

paisaje Just a short drive from Madrid, Segovia is a perfect day trip escape from the city. Tucked in the rolling plains of Castilla Leon it’s a city as timeless as it’s stunning Roman Aqueduct.  segoviaaqueduct
At the Roman aqueduct, feel the warm sun as you weave in and out of its huge arches imagining the history that has passed through its arches.
segoviaaque1 segoviastatue
Into the the city get lost on the tiny streets  discovering hues of yellow, pink, and orange of buildings covered in molded designs and textures. Stop for a coffee or chocolate to warm up from the cold winds that blow in from the plains, or try the famous cochinillo at Meson de Candido el Segoviano.
Smile at the yellow polka dot spires at the cathedral reaching toward the sky, then put on your hat because the wind from the plains is starting to blow cold when you reach the end of the hill where a fantasy castle sits at the edge overlooking the endless Castillian plains. 
A beautiful city filled with history and elegance, Segovia is a must see in Spain.
Besos, Dianne

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