Paris at night…instapeeks


No matter how many times I go to Paris (believe me, I still have to pinch myself being just a train ride away…) there is just something so lovely about the Tour Eiffel. Maybe it’s the memory of that feeling of the first time I was in Paris about 10 years ago or the joy of being able to take so many people I love there for a visit. I’ve never been up, and don’t know if I ever will go up, I just can’t imagine the paris skyline without madame Eiffel. Enjoy a few more pics of Paris at night from this weekend and check out more on instagram!

IMG_20131125_211309 IMG_20131125_215136

Finally, I’m happy to announce the winner of the Taste of Burgundy giveaway, Jessica from Hola Yessica! Thanks to everyone for following! Hope you can visit Burgundy soon!

Here’s to more many more Beautiful Journeys!

Besos, Dianne


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