An American Christmas: Eggnog Recipe Roundup

Hey y’all! I’m back and so ready for December! November was such a long, jam-packed month that I’m still trying to catch my breath. But if the first day of December is any clue than this month is going to be fantastic, relaxed, creative, and festive! Christmas is my favorite holiday so to celebrate this month on the blog I’ve got some great posts in store: holiday traditions and recipes from around the world, easy decor ideas, gifts lists for the traveller, and as always some beautiful December escapes around the world. So to get this new, optimistic month rolling, what better than some eggnog?

When I was a kid, like a Christmas miracle, just a few days before Christmas a half-gallon carton of this creamy white stuff always made its way into the fridge just days before Christmas, and just as quickly it was gone. My dad was the Eggnog sleuth. Cold and fresh and preferably from the local dairy farm, there was really no pomp and circumstance ; poured into any glass and enjoyed leaning on the kitchen counter, Eggnog was my dad’s special Christmas treat. I never did drink it myself, the idea of drinking eggs always made me cringe, but I do remember the creamy cinnamon smell and the smile it put on my dad’s face. Since I can’t go and pick up a half-gallon at the local supermarche these Eggnog Recipes might do the trick to bring some of my Dad’s sweet memories and add some American spice to your Christmas season!

The traditional drink with a little kick for your party, this Spiked Eggnog from Valley and Co. Lifestyles looks delish.

If this beautiful holiday Spice cake with Eggnog Buttercream from Portuguese Girl Cooks tastes as pretty as it looks, it could become a classic.

For a little bite or to give as a gift, try these Eggnog Truffles from McCormick.

Eggnog and Christmas cookies go hand in hand with these Melt In Your Mouth Eggnog cookies from Cooking Classy.

Oh la la, these Eggnog macarons from Carly Klock are and elegant take on the tradition.

And finally, these Eggnog Scones from Small Home Big Start would make a perfect Christmas morning treat.

Will you be Eggnogging this year?

Besos, Dianne


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