Art Deco Detroit : The Guardian Building


It’s easy to forget all the beauty that was, and still is, in Detroit. When most of the news you hear about the city today is about bankruptcy, violence, and abandoned buildings it’s easy to forget Detroit was the blueprint for the American dream being home to the automobile industry, Motown, and even the first suburbs . There really is so much more to the city, so many treasures to uncover.




You might not know about the Guardian Building even if you’re from Detroit, but if you look up you’ll find a unique brick skyscraper whose skyline offers Art Deco symmetry. Inside, bright, colorful tiles in geometric patterns shine optimistically on the ceiling of the entry way. Stark but playful lines imitate the art of the Native Americans of the region. And past the stunning ironwork, the Michigan mosaic at the end of the hall shines, a golden tribute to the people who made the state and city so great.


An American cathedral and a beautiful reminder of what this city is made of. Don’t miss it.

Besos, Dianne

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