Christmas Traditions : Gingerbread


Sugar and spice and everything nice, what says Christmas like gingerbread? The American classic comes as a sweet and crisp cookie while France’s pain d’épice, Dijon’s speciality, is a delicate spicy bread. I made a stop at the original Mulot and Petitjean shop at Place Bossuet Dijon for a peek into the world of French gingerbread and couldn’t resist sharing it with you for the holidays. Like the inside of a real gingerbread house, the shop is decorated like the original shop with sweetly colored wood decor and bright red and white timber outside, and in the back kitchen the products are packaged and prepared. The recipe has been passed down through 200 generations, using wheat flour and honey to make the delicate sweet spice bread which is served naturally, with candied fruits, filled with jams or chocolate or glazed. I love a little piece with a hot cup of tea or a sweet nonnete filled with apple or raspberry jam.  Be sure to stop by for a treat if you are ever in Dijon!



Mulot and Petitjean’s recipe has stayed the same since 1796, but why not try this Gingerbread Recipe Round Up to take your Christmas gingerbread to a whole new level…

These Gingerbread Waffles from Alaska from Scratch have got me thinking about adding a waffle maker to my Christmas list, they’re the a perfect Christmas morning treat!

I’m sure Santa wouldn’t say no to a few Mini Gingerbread donuts from Mess makes Food.

Mini Gingerbread houses from Honestly Yum look adorable topping off a creamy Christmas latte or use the recipe to make the classic gingerbread man or delectable decorations for the tree.

There’s always room for a French macaron. These Gingerbread Macarons from Life’s a Feast look delish. Add a creamy lemon filling to imitate the sumptuous lemon gingerbread flavor from Pierre Hermé, mmm.

And for a very French Christmas, try Pain d’épice with Caramelized Shallot and Mango and Foie Gras from Herve Cuisine as an hors d’ouvre.

How will you be enjoying your Pain d’épice/Gingerbread this year?

Besos, Dianne


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