Creative Christmas Trees for Expats

When you live abroad having a Christmas tree becomes a little more difficult. Here in France finding a tree is no problem, markets and flower shops have adorable little fresh trees for sale and bouquets of branches and holly are easily available. Since we’re usually off to Spain for the holidays though buying a tree is out of the question. Living as an ex-pat I’ve also started to live more minimally, meaning packing up lights and decorations from suitcase to suitcase isn’t going to happen. But living abroad doesn’t mean you can’t add some Christmas cheer to your place, so I’ve put together a few non-traditional tree ideas that are expat, minimalist  and travel friendly while still bringing lots of Christmas cheer! Which do you like best?

If you can get your hands on some pine branches these old bottles filled with branches and a few colorful ornaments are the perfect solution. I did this the first year we were in France, and not only was it pretty but it filled the house with the delicious smell of pine! (image via Enjoy your home)

These Oragami ornaments from How About Orange are budget friendly and would look adorable on the branches or a mini tree.

If you can’t find a tree why not make a light tree, so simple but the perfect festive glow for a small space. (from Apartment Therapy)

Another space saver from Apartment Therapy, make a washi tape tree on the wall. I’d fill it pics of the people you love who are far away. (from Brit and Co.)

Or why not make a paper tree? This tissue paper tree from Curbly is elegant and fun.

Finally, on a smaller scale a paper Christmas tree forest to fill up a window sill or put on the table would be lovely too.  Add some glitter and tea candles to make it sparkle. (DIY at Julep)

Ex-pats, do you have a tree or do you have another non-traditional solution?

Besos, Dianne

(Title photo from Le Petite Cuisine)


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