The little things in 2014


Hey friends! Happiest 2014 to you all, even if it is a little late! I‘ve been a bit under the weather since Christmas. A stomach bug attacked the house and Christmas dinner ended up being chicken soup and sofa time for the whole family. No appetite at Christmas is such a bummer! I’ve been recovering on and off for the past three weeks, and finally I’m feeling back to normal and back to blogging. How were your holidays?

While I’m not much of a January resolution maker, I’m starting 2014 full of optimism and making a few goals to reach this year. It’s going to be a year full of big and exciting changes, lots of planning and ideas, and of course travels. I’m determined to live this new year in every moment despite what exciting plans may be on the horizon. I’m still going to go for clean and healthy eating (so excited to try out my new cookbooks Meatless and It’s all Good now that my appetite is back!) balanced with a healthy dose of gluttonous French fare. I can’t wait to cross a few more French treats off my to do list like the buttery Paris Brest, a Burgundy Cremant tasting, and Pain Perdu – real French toast. Visits to a few more French chateaus, bright markets, and tiny villages are in store, and I’ll be on the hunt for some French antiques to fill my home.  But most of all, this year is going to be all about enjoying the little things. In life (and travel!) thats what really matters, enjoying a calm glass of wine, taking in a big breathe of cool winter air, seeing your own city with new eyes, or buying a bunch of fresh flowers for the house. So, here’s to enjoying the little things, home or abroad, that will make life so big this year!


What are your goals or resolutions for the new year?

Can’t wait to continue this Beautiful Journey in 2014! Thanks for joining me!

Besos, Dianne

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