A Day Trip to Troyes, France

Troyes, France. A Beautiful Journey

Sometimes the budget calls for a day trip rather than a weekend away and if that day trip involves outlet shopping, even better, right? In October, we took an afternoon drive  to Troyes, a city most famous for outlet shopping than culture or history, for some shopping, eating, and a little fresh air. Troyes, France

We made our way to the outlets first, and I have to admit that except for the Le Creuset outlet, where I should have indulged in some cocottes and a Dutch oven, we didn’t find much. After a quick spin around the shops with no luck we headed downtown to find lunch.  Troyes, France. A Beautiful Journey

If you want to take a day trip in France, it is best to go on Saturday when the locals are out, and as hoped for we found the city bustling, terraces and restaurants packed, the carousel singing and a really nice feel in the main square. We made out way into the old narrow streets filled with leaning timber houses giving a really authentic medieval feel to the city. We found a great Crêperie for lunch, and choose a table on the old terrace sheltered by old timber details. Crêperies are a great budget option for travellers in France. Order a Crêpe salée or a Galette (buckwheat crêpe) for a filling lunch that will cost less than 10 euros a plate and finish off with a sweet crepe for dessert. A typical and budget meal, a Crêperie will give you a real taste of France.  GallettesTroyes

Troyes, France. A Beautiful Journey

Walking back to the car we took a little detour to the Cathedral of Troyes, where Joan of Arc stopped to say a prayer before heading off to battles, and strolled down the river and into the newer part of town. A simple but typically French town, a quick stop in Troyes can be more than just shopping.

Besos, Dianne



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