Crémant de Bourgogne Tasting in Beaune


Just a few hours from the fields of Champagne, Burgundy wineries are making their own version of golden, bubbly goodness. We headed down the Cote d’Or to Burgundy wine country for a tour of Veuve Ambal and a tasting of the tiny bubbles in Crémant de Bourgogne, Burgundy’s answer to Champagne. As you probably know, Champagne is protected under law to maintain its origin, quality, and exclusivity, and enjoying a bottle will put you back a few bucks in your wallet. Crémant is bubbly French wine, like Champagne, but made outside of the Champagne region and without the hefty price tag.CremantVeuveAmbalCremant-ProcessCremantbottle

We took a tour of the Veuve Ambal factory where we saw how the bubbly is made. Using a combination of the four grape varieties of the region, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Aligoté and Gamay, Crémant is made with different flavors and colors. The process is actually the same process as making Champagne, the difference is simply the grape and the region. In the autumn harvest the wine is produced and bottled and sent to the cellar to age depending on which Crémant it will become. After the aging process, the bottles are put through the meticulous riddling process where the bottles are rotated little by little by riddlers (who knew you could be a riddler?! Unfortunately, machines are the modern riddlers, so back to our day jobs we go) until finally sitting upside down, causing any aging residue to fall into the neck of the bottle. From here, the bottle necks are frozen, the frozen residue popped out, a little more sugar is added and the bottles are sealed and labeled, ready for any romantic evening that might conspire.




Today the process is mostly mechanized, but with some many meticulous and careful steps to make one bottle of bubbly, it really does change the way you think about those tiny bubbles, and the ancient origins of Champagne are even more intriguing. After the tour, we headed down to the shop for a tasting. Our host was friendly and generous, and we tasted five different varieties of Crémant from Rosé to Brut to Prestige with clear explanations about each sip making the experience even more enjoyable.


So, on Valentine’s day, if you are celebrating or not, indulge in a glass of bubbly! Enjoy it before your meal with an aperitif like a Frenchie, or like the rest of us, after the meal with a sweet dessert. Cheers to celebrating all the good things life, ensemble or solo, before or after the meal, for love or simply for pleasure. 

Besos, Dianne    ************************************************************************************************

For more info about visiting Veuve Ambal for a tour and tasting check out their website Veuve Ambal.

The tour is self guided, with a head set, and lasts about 1 hour. The tasting with a guide lasts 30mins to one hour.


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