La Rentrée


It’s the rentrée, a moment on the French calendar at the end of August and start of September that somehow carries excitement that vacation is over and work, school, and schedules are beginning again. Bring on the rentrée concerts, rentrée sales, and rentrée events. I guess with one month vacations there is a bit of excitement to get back to your home, your bed; and I know as a kid I was always excited for the end of August with back to school shopping, buying new school supplies, and the subtle changes in the air, trees, and wind…fall was approaching! And, really, who doesn’t love the fall?

This year has felt like a really special rentrée, the third year in France and we finally feel like we really get it, being back to our place after two months away, lots of opportunities on the horizon, and a growing list of followers on the blog (I’m flattered, thanks!).

So, much like the French who make the rentrée a way of life and a proper noun in their daily life, I’m embracing the the “new” year with optimism. And, I’m making some resolutions (January just doesn’t cut it for me.). First, eating clean*. I’m super inspired by the science behind the Beauty Detox book, seriously crazy interesting stuff about how our bodies work and a great reason to get to local market every week. Second: get into a fitness habit. The app Runkeeper is amazing to track my progess and routes and the ladies over at Tone it Up have great workouts and yummy recipes to keep me going. Thanks for the tips Mickey!

What about you, are you excited to get back into the fall grind? Are you making any “new year” resolutions in September?

Besos, Dianne

*Don’t worry, I’ll still occasionally indulge in the cheeses, pastries, breads and other treats in la France, how could I not!