Style File: Spanish Style Blogs

While France may be the capital of classic style, Spain reigns supreme as the capital to forward thinking, creative, and colorful style. France has it’s basics that are copied from Paris to beyond, but in Spain there is no way to give a list of what to wear to get the Spanish look, instead, a crop of fantastic style blogs has popped up in the last few years, that offer girls in Spain and around the world some ideas on how to make the latest looks their own.  Here are a few of my favorite Spanish style blogs (so many marked by Zara!) that highlight the free, creative, unique yet totally chic style that totally captures Spanish women’s style.

Lovely Pepa: A Galician trendsetter from Vigo, her looks are always happy and approachable. Lovely Pepa is one of the most successful style blogs out there (she’s worked with Louis Vuitton, Tous, and Piaget to name just a few)!

Trendy Taste: A magnetic smile and super friendly blog with looks that are bohemian and trendy.

Fashion Vibe: Based in Barcelona, the looks are sophisticated and fashion forward.

Collage Vintage: This girl has a fantastic mix of chic personal looks and inspiration posts. The mix is spot on.

My Daily Style: Relaxed and unique, the looks are fresh and stylish.

Miss at la Playa: Not an outfit style blog, but the place to go for all things fashion, styling and editorial.

So want to add some Spanish to your wardrobe? Just add color, print, and great accessories, be yourself and have fun!

Any other Spanish bloggers you love?


Ps…if you like what you see Lovely Pepa, Collage Vintage and a few other Spanish bloggers have designed their own lines of shoes available at I want these and these!